A lot goes into making a stunning piece of functional furniture



We’re group of friends with decades of experience in sitting. We happen to also be product designers, architects and engineers with extensive experience in product design, optimisation and manufacturing.

We sit in an office, we sit working from home, we sit down to relax, we sit while eating. But despite our years of experience, we suck at it. So we started to notice how our friends, family and co-workers behave when sitting.

Dave’s sister is a fidgeter, always looking for the next (weird) spot she can sit in. Ayana’s dad is the super focused type that converts into a statue for hours, then struggles to un-stiff himself (easier said than done!). Ryl’s friend can only sit cross legged, so she always ends up sitting on the floor. Mabelle’s niece is a yoga addict who does yoga poses day and night. Sam’s brother randomly squats cause that’s what feels comfortable to him. And Adrian’s cousin is just using every possible moment to chill, he sleeps anytime, anywh…zzz…zzz…zzz…


We wanted to do better for ourselves... and for you.

BeYou is the only chair that solved our different problems and transformed all our lives.

Person Name With Us Since Photo Few Words From Team Member
SAM NOV. 2017 Image I like my wife, my twin kids and winning in life. I’m a simple guy! I don’t like boring people, mushrooms and people who waste their time gossiping.
MON NOV. 2017 Image I like (in this order) human babies, dog babies (yay for puppies!) and non-fruity ice cream. I don’t like roaches, messy places or people who are always late.
DAVE NOV. 2017 Image I like all things motorcycles, working out and dogs. I don’t like sweet potatoes, people who pretend to be stupid or being late for appointments.
AYANA APR. 2018 Image I like travelling, timeless jewellery and fresh lemon with basically everything. I don’t like squishy noses, people who think words don’t matter and not having enough lemon.
MABELLE AUG. 2018 Image I like cheese, everything Apple and Sci-Fi books & movies. I don’t like meals that don’t end with dessert & coffee, waking up early or seeing a sad Mac icon.
ALEX OCT. 2018 Image I like books, watching movies and food (not while watching movies). I don’t like any insects, headaches or any kind of drama.
KAYCEE OCT. 2019 Image I like newly changed bed sheets, indie music & movies and perfumes. I don’t like hot weather, messy drawers and I hate 101% of cockroaches.
FLORIN FEB. 2020 Image I like to travel, to design nifty things and to travel some more! I don’t like people in a bad mood, fake people or having to function on cold rainy days.
ADRIAN APR. 2020 Image I like paragliding (woo hoo adrenaline!), travelling and working with wood. I don’t like eggplants, when I have to swim or Windows updates.
RYL AUG. 2020 Image I like dogs, having an active lifestyle and the beach (but also the mountains). I don’t like routines, imperfect things or being rushed.
IMRAN FEB. 2021 Image I like cats, always learning new things and planning. I don’t like doing stuff without planning, thoughtless people and rushing into things.
BENO MAR. 2021 Image I like chess, eating good food and playing video games. I don’t like bragging or weather that is way too hot or too cold.
RHENA MAR. 2021 Image I like window shopping (even online!), goldfishes and relaxing with Netflix. I don’t like alcohol, the smell of cigarettes or very noisy places.
SANJEEV MAR. 2021 Image I like learning new work skills, visiting my hometown and TV shows. I don’t like people who are eating while I’m working, summer days or messy workspaces.



We first launched BeYou on Kickstarter in autumn 2020. In just 6 weeks, over 4,000 people believed in our mission and joined the project.

Many other people found out about BeYou a bit late, after the campaign ended, so we moved to Indiegogo and almost 6,000 other backers supported us there as well.

Messages started pouring in after our Indiegogo closed. More and more people found out about BeYou and wanted a chance to join our journey from the start. So we opened pre-orders on our own website. And the rest is history!

A huge thank you to every one of the 17,000+ people who are helping us change the way you sit, for the better!

View our Kickstarter campaign here
View our Indiegogo campaign here




Taking an idea and bringing it to life is a complex process and we’ve learned so much about it in the past years. We know there might always be challenges when creating a new product, but we’ve done our best to minimise them.

The suppliers and factories we are working with have dozens of years of experience. We’ve already iterated 9 versions of the BeYou chair and we’ve been using & loving 5 fully functional prototypes for the past year.

We’ve crowdfunded BeYou with the help of our backers, because we are confident that we can deliver on the project to everyone who supported us.

The only challenge is bringing BeYou to a larger audience, which is where you come in. Because of your support here as part of our pre-order community, we can be sure that you’ll always be free to… be you.



Global shipping and logistics is mind-boggling, which is why we enlist experts to help with that. Because BeYou is a fairly large item, we’ve opted for sea freight in bulk to different hubs around the world, which is more environmentally friendly than air shipping.

That also means we can only use certain carriers, which comes with its own unpredictable challenges, but we’ll do our best to go through this process hiccup-free.

Sometimes, despite everyone doing everything perfectly, stuff happens. Snow storms, hurricanes, materials getting stuck in customs or factories losing electricity for a day.

We’ve done our best to account for any unforeseen challenges and we’ve set a conservative timeline.

In all honesty, anything can happen. We might discover we’re all living in a simulation game tomorrow and such a thing might slow down the delivery of your BeYou =)

But no matter what happens, we promise we’ll always be honest and transparent with you and we’ll always keep you up to date with our progress post-campaign.

Whatever comes our way, we’ll get through it together.