Sitting For 8+ Hours Every Day Cost Me My Life. But It Doesn’t Have To Cost You Yours

I kind of hated my job. Working from home was supposed to be my saving grace. But then, everything changed for the worse.

Your sedentary lifestyle is the fourth most important risk factor for mortality.


Note: After reading this, you’ll realise how your sedentary life is killing you slowly but very surely...

I don’t want you to feel sorry for me. This isn’t a sad story, but quite the opposite.

In the end you will understand why. Hopefully, what cost me my life will save yours.

Hi! I'm Lucy. I died 3 years ago, but it's OK

My life was like that of many others. I worked in a large multinational, in the typical 9-5 job. However, I never left the office before 6. I hated my cubicle. And my boss.


You will soon understand why.


The Lack Of Time Was Eating Me Up Inside, Turning Me Into a Miserable, Cranky, Absent Mother and Wife


If your life is anything like mine, you always lack time. I personally would love to spend more time with my daughters Jen and Carla! Or exercise more, and spend more time with my husband.

But I always ended up spending countless hours bolted in an ergonomic office chair, eating something in 10 minutes in front of the computer between meetings.

You can probably relate to that, can’t you? From here, things only got even uglier.

I Thought Working From Home Was Going to Save Me...


When the new normal came and we were forced to work from home, I thought it would be a blessing.

But then I found myself working even longer hours. Everyone expected me to be glued to the chair.

It is true that I spent more time around my family, but it was not quality time at all. I was usually cranky and moody.

Then it happened. I was alone at home, very anxious after a long discussion with my boss. I was short of breath. I felt a sharp pain in my chest. I had trouble moving my left hand.

Yes, I was having a heart attack.

But Then, Real Tragedy Struck. The Dire Consequences of My Sedentary Lifestyle Came Crashing Down On Me


That moment, my husband just walked in and called an ambulance.

It didn't take them more than 10 minutes to arrive. I was in the hospital in less than 20 minutes.

But it was already too late.

I could hear the beeping of the heart rate machine decreasing, until one unique large beep remained.


My heart stopped beating. I died.

"How does this help me?" - you must be wondering. You're about to understand it.

The Lies We're Told Are Incredible! Here's What I Learned After I Died...

As you can tell, I'm not dead. I was, for 3 minutes, but luckily the doctors managed to bring me back.

The diagnosis was clear: my sedentary lifestyle killed me.

The treatment, an easy enough one: a healthy diet and being active. Not spending so much time sitting down. No matter how ergonomic my chair is. One hour maximum, my doctor said.

I was very surprised. My chair costs over $1500! I always thought that ergonomic chairs were the solution. But my doctor was very clear:

That blew my mind. I never looked at it that way!!!

Maybe he was right, and everything I was told was just a huge marketing campaign to sell me overpriced chairs?

I needed another solution. I needed the truth. I spent a lot of time looking for alternatives. I even tried sitting on a medicine ball.

Disclaimer: I almost killed myself again.

Some months later, I took my daughters to the pediatrician.

His chair immediately got my attention. I had never seen anything like that. It looked amazing, but his design suggested there was more to it than just a premium chair.

The Spark That Made Me Join The Movement Revolution and Take My Life Back

I was hearing these words for the first time but they made so much sense to me. This is a way to stay active while sitting. It’s unbelievable I thought I had to choose one or another.

With Active Sitting, you can listen to your body’s needs and change your position every time your body asks you to.


Active Sitting. That stuck with me. I had to try it. That’s why the same day I bought my first BeYou Chair.

Active Sitting Transformed My Life and It Will Transform Your Life!

I’m more productive than ever and I don’t feel the effects of sitting for long hours a day. That’s because I’m constantly changing the way I sit, choosing from the 10+ sitting positions.

I don’t feel stuck in the prison of my chair anmore. I got back my freedom of movement.

I feel like a completely different person. More in touch with my body’s needs, happier and more productive.

I found my happy ending and now I’m sharing my story to inspire people like you to find yours!

Ian, 27, London, United Kingdom   Verfied Review
Rating: 5 star rating

My back used to hurt like hell. It was because I kept sitting in the same position for 8 hours of working. Sure, I could slightly adjust my old chair as well, but it wasn’t nearly enough. Thankfully, I found BeYou. I no longer feel the need to fidget or lie down on the sofa from time to time. I can now stretch and concentrate on my work without distractions.

Timea, 30, Casper, Wyoming   Verfied Review
Rating: 5 star rating

I love it! Ever since I got the BeYou Chair, I’ve been able to work like crazy. With my previous chair, I would always find a reason to get up and move around. Not anymore - I can easily stretch without getting up. If I want to lounge , I can do that as well. I even tried taking a nap on it and it’s far more comfortable than I expected. Definitely buying another one for my husband as well.

Mia, 29, Los Angeles, California   Verfied Review
Rating: 5 star rating

I no longer feel the need to get up and stretch while working. I can just switch to a different position and boom! I’m still productive with less wasted time. Another benefit? My body feels better. No more stiffness or back pain. And, best of all, my pocket feels better than it felt when I bought my previous chair.


How It Works

  • Adjust the wings into one of the five positions
  • Put the backrest horizontal and use it as a chair/ laptop desk
  • Adjust the height of the chair/ the backrest; lean back in the chair
  • Adjust the tilt tension/ how much force is needed to tilt the backrest
  • Find new ways to sit
  • Lower the armrest and sit in a lounge position
  • Sit cross-legged, in a yoga position, kneeling, or backward

Why It’s Great For You

  • Offers fantastic freedom of movement while sitting
  • Say goodbye to a sedentary work life
  • Sit in any way, for however long
  • Move effortlessly from one position to another
  • Ultra comfortable for long workdays
  • Great for working and relaxing
  • Adjusts in seconds between sitting positions
  • Sit in any position that feels great