That Empty Feeling You’re Experiencing Is a Clear Warning Sign. Throw Out Your Office Chair Right Now!

Reject Paper Ceilings, Get Out Of The Rat Race, And Escape The Prison Of Your Chair

//, Sam O. Co-Founder Of BYC

For All People Who Have A Desk Job And Work Sitting Down Every Single Day


Note: You will view traditional sitting just as you view smoking after reading this.

Take a hard look in the mirror. Are you truly happy? Or is it all a coping mechanism to keep you going?

How often have you thought buying a super-expensive chair will solve your back problems?

Your body isn’t meant to sit still for 8 to 10 hours daily. You move even while you sleep. Isn’t it natural for you to move while awake? Of course it is.

Yet your chair keeps you still. It doesn’t allow you to express your individuality. That’s why you feel stuck, uncomfortable, and stiff. Even worse, you’re going down a path of chronic health problems because of it.

Once you accept this fact, you’ll quickly realize something that’s been sitting in your subconscious for a while…

Working From Home Should Set You Free, But It Doesn't.


Remember when you found out you were going to work from home? It sounded amazing. You probably felt like walking on sunshine.

Finally, you could spend zero time in traffic and full time with your family, or alone, however you wanted to.

Except you quickly found out that wasn’t quality time at all. You still needed to focus on work. And you’ve found yourself sunk into a sedentary lifestyle with no escape.

You feel stiff. Your back pain has gotten worse.

And It’s All Thanks To Your Crappy Chair.

You probably have an office chair. Or a gaming chair that you bought thinking it would be better. But it isn’t.

And that’s because you’ve been fed the biggest lie in WFH history.

The Ergonomic Lie Made Fools Of Us All


There’s nothing healthy about a chair that forces you to sit in one position. No matter how “comfy” the chair feels, you quickly realize that it’s just an illusion.

All that comfort fades away once you need to stretch or move. You have to get up and actually do some effort to negate the stiffness.

And even then, it still doesn’t feel right. Investing thousands of dollars in a chair and still not being comfortable enough hits right in the feels.

There has to be a better way, right? There is. It’s called Active Sitting.

Enjoy The Benefits Of Movement When Sitting. Focus, Relax & Work Comfortably In Many Positions That Feel Great To Be You.


Think of how many hours you’ve strained your body for nothing. All just so you could sit at a desk. When, in reality, you can sit much better.

Imagine this: do yoga while working, stretch while sitting, take a power nap without going to bed, or just lounge comfortably whenever you feel like it - all at your desk.

It is possible. You just need to escape the Matrix and look beyond the mere limitations of ergonomic chairs.

Sitting like you were taught can be damaging to your health! The power is in the choices you make every single day. Choose a better, healthier, and more productive future today!

With tens of thousands of satisfied customers and counting, what is it about our chair that makes everyone want one?


Meet BeYou - The Transforming Chair With 10+ Ways to Sit


A transforming chair? Yes, that’s a thing. A really cool and innovative chair that will transform your everyday life.

It’s a chair that puts an end to your sedentary lifestyle. A chair that lets you express your personality in a truly unique way. And we’re proud to unveil it to you at an awesome price for a limited time!

We're on a crusade to bring back the freedom of movement you lost with a work-from-home job. BeYou is more than a chair. It is a movement inspired by everything YOU are.

Did You Ever Think You Could Have An All-In-One Chair?

It seems impossible, but it’s true. We have years of sitting experience, which allowed us to come to the conclusion that a chair should offer 100% freedom of movement.

We Get People With Desk Jobs Because We Are People With Desk Jobs

That’s why we’re offering you a chair that works for both home and office. You get flexibility AND beauty in a single sumptuous package.

Picture this: you sitting however you want. No more restrictions. No mind-boggling limitations. And, most importantly, top-of-the-line comfort.

Even the most famous outlets love the BeYou Chair…


How It Works

  • Adjust the wings into one of the five positions
  • Put the backrest horizontal and use it as a chair/ laptop desk
  • Adjust the height of the chair/ the backrest; lean back in the chair
  • Adjust the tilt tension/ how much force is needed to tilt the backrest
  • Find new ways to sit
  • Lower the armrest and sit in a lounge position
  • Sit cross-legged, in a yoga position, kneeling, or backward

Why It’s Great For You

  • Offers fantastic freedom of movement while sitting
  • Say goodbye to a sedentary work life
  • Sit in any way, for however long
  • Move effortlessly from one position to another
  • Ultra comfortable for long workdays
  • Great for working and relaxing
  • Adjusts in seconds between sitting positions
  • Sit in any position that feels great

BeYou(rself) 24/7


Our guarantee to you is that you’ll love every moment of sitting in the BeYou Chair. It is called "BeYou" so you will find a way to use it that is great for you. Our video content shows how you can find the right sitting position FOR YOU.

The cushions are stain-resistant and extremely durable. You’d be hard-pressed to find them uncomfortable.

Furthermore, it can withstand up to 400 lbs or 181 kg on the main seat. As for the backrest placed in a seating position, we’ve tested it to be able to hold up to 275 lbs or 125 kg.

Finally, if you’re not happy with what you get, you can ask for a refund anytime within a 30-day period.

Ian, 27, Chicago, Illinois  Verfied Review
Rating: 5 star rating

My back used to hurt like hell. No, it wasn’t because of my spine or any similar issue. I just kept sitting in the same position for 8 hours of working. Sure, I could slightly adjust my old chair as well, but it wasn’t nearly enough.
Thankfully, I found BeYou. I no longer feel the need to fidget or lie down on the sofa from time to time. I can now stretch and concentrate on my work without distractions.

Emma, 34, New York, New York  Verfied Review
Rating: 5 star rating

I fell in love with the BeYou Chair’s design the moment I saw it online. Even though I had my doubts given what I’ve heard of other Kickstarter projects, I risked it.
And, oh boy, it was well worth it. One of my concerns was that I would get tired of constantly adjusting the wings and the backrest. Luckily, that’s not the case. Everything’s so easy to adjust that it just comes naturally. 10/10, will definitely get one for my husband as well.

Simon, 30, Liverpool, United Kingdom  Verfied Review
Rating: 5 star rating

My home office has never looked so tidy. I always had my things spread throughout the room because I would always move from my desk to the sofa and vice versa.
Now I no longer feel the need to do so. Whenever I feel like stretching or lying down, I just adjust the chair’s wings or backrest. It’s so easy I can do it while sitting down most of the time.

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Join The Movement Revolution!

What are you waiting for? Sit in a way that feels good to BeYou. You won't believe how easy it is!