We’re a group of friends with decades of experience in sitting. We sit in an office, we sit working from home, we sit down to relax, we sit while eating. But despite our years of experience, we suck at it.

Back in 2019, we got bored working from home, decided to get together and work from a rented office in a coworking space. But we got tired of fidgeting and spending more time trying to find a comfortable position to work in a traditional office chair, than actually getting any work done.

And then we decided to actually do something about it. That’s how the idea of the chair that suits BEYOU was born!

Next Step: We spent months researching and designing 9 prototype iterations until we built the transforming chair that adapts to you.

All of our ideas come from real-life situations that we have faced ourselves and know that you struggle with too. So we design revolutionary furniture that helps you get what you want out of your home and office pieces.

Taking an idea and bringing it to life is a complex process and we’ve learned so much in the process of creating BeYou.

We want you to be free to sit however you want. With BeYou, you can sit in more than 10+ ways, in any position that feels great to be you and enjoy the benefits of movement even when sitting.