You register for the next pre-order event and secure your special discount!


We hold a few pre-order events per year, only for a limited time. And it really is limited.


Pre-order during the event! Or you’ll have to wait months and months until the next one.


We make your BeYou to order, so because you’re a bit patient, we can offer you great deals!


It takes about 3 months to receive your order. We’ll send you regular updates until then.

the regular way vs. the beyou way


  • Charge customers more to have a bigger profit margin

  • Invest a huge part of the profit into stock

  • Maintain high prices so you can re-invest again into stock

  • Unable to offer much product variety, because of stock and cash flow limitations


  • Hold a few exclusive events per year for the community to pre-order

  • Order materials and components in bulk, negotiate the best prices and pass on any savings to our backers

  • In exchange for a bit of patience, we can offer our backers bigger discounts because we manufacture to order

  • Co-create along with the community many different designs and colours



Here at BeYou Chair, we believe in creating something extraordinary that is also impacting other people’s lives in the best way possible. The way we achieve that is through our pre-order model.

You win:

You join the project, pre-order ahead of time and get the best chair ever at a fraction of the regular cost.

You pay it forward:

You join other backers and create an amazing community that is actively creating change in the world.

They win:

Based on the big number of pre-orders, we are able to place bulk orders for all the components of the chair, which means all our suppliers earn more.

They pay it forward:

Suppliers prioritise bigger orders and invest more care into them. This means less hiccups and more attention to detail.

We win:

We get to serve our amazing community in the best way possible, while reducing the risk of investing a lot of capital into stock like a regular business.

We pay it forward:

This model allows us to co-create our chairs with the community. We give you the power to decide the next BeYou designs!


One of the best things about pre-ordering is the chance to truly involve our community in the design process. Yes, here at BeYou, you have a real say in our next designs.

Occasionally, we’ll ask for your opinion, because we really want to know it. You’ll get to vote for fresh new colours, patterns or shapes. You can expect a variety of different options to choose from!


If it gets enough votes, your favourite will be available in the next pre-order event, we promise!

This gives us an amazing opportunity to co-create our chairs with your help. It’s a real blessing to nurture this relationship with our incredible community!

Yep, I did tell you this is one of the best things about how we do things here at BeYou, didn’t I?!


We’re an environmentally conscious brand and we do everything we can. Our model also helps us massively reduce the carbon footprint, eliminate waste and really streamline all our processes for efficiency. We manufacture to order, so there are no products left in stock taking up storage in warehouses or getting damaged due to external factors.

We are using international sea shipping for BeYou, which is more environmentally friendly than air shipping. Our packaging is optimised to have the smallest footprint possible, so it’s minimal and lightweight.

For each BeYou chair sold, we plant a tree to offset our fulfilment and distribution carbon footprint. And because it’s the right thing to do for Mother Earth.


We will ship your BeYou Chair to any of these 35 countries:

North America:

Canada, United States.


Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.


China, Hong Kong, Israel, Singapore.






Our community will exclusively find out the exact pre-launch date! You also receive important updates about BeYou and get to vote for future designs.



Get your BeYou during the limited time event, for a special price. Don’t miss it, otherwise you’ll need to wait until the next event (we honestly don’t know when that will happen).

WINTER 2021-2022


In about 3 months after pre-ordering, you receive your BeYou and sitting will never be the same again! We’ll send you regular updates in the meantime.