Necessary Pain or Complete Failure? NO ONE told me the 3rd option.

But I discovered the truth that will set you free

For anyone who has felt lost, numb and undetermined.


After reading this, you'll probably never doubt or question yourself again.

Hi! I am Sarah. And this is the story that will completely change your life.

"How would you rate the past 3 months at this company?"

I was on a Skype call with my team leader when that question was asked. I made up an answer hoping it would sugarcoat my poor recent performance.

I talked about how excited I was and how much I was learning. But in reality I was losing sleep, I was overwhelmed with my new role, and I didn’t feel capable or motivated at all, although this was a great job.

My family and friends were constantly telling me how proud they were for me having this massive opportunity.

After all, I worked from home with all the comfort I needed. But for some reason, I didn’t feel at home. I felt like a stranger in my own house. And it didn’t help that stress was adding up.

At that point, I knew I had two options.

❌ Go through the pain of the process until I find my rhythm and motivation
❌ Lose my dream job and become a complete failure

Neither was appealing, but I had to keep going. So that night, I ate my feelings away. And the next night too. That’s how it began.


Wake, eat, work, eat, mindlessly scroll through social media till I fall asleep — repeat


One day, I was out for lunch break and caught my reflection in a shop window. I was shocked to see the person staring back at me. Everything was unrecognizable. The dark circles under my eyes, the messy hair, the stains on my t-shirt. Nothing resembled who I was anymore.

I thought that my day was really bad, but what happened next made it even worse. I was about to receive serious complaints about the quality of my work. So I was getting closer to the worst of the two options: becoming a complete failure.

Something needed to change. I knew there had to be more to life than feeling trapped, unmotivated and stressed out, especially when it made no sense feeling this way.

And I was right. I’m about to tell you the truth I discovered.

How to change your life for good so you won’t ever have to feel the pain I felt

The plan?

  • Be relaxed while working
  • Keep your focus while stretching
  • Stay active while sitting

Impossible? Not when you know the truth.

I kept searching until I found the solution.

It’s something no one has told me before. It’s a well-kept secret and the only thing to set you free. It’s the third option, and it’s hidden in the last place you’d think to look.

❌You don’t have to change your job in any way to feel better.
❌You don’t have to quit it to feel free.
✔️You only need to embrace and manage your feelings instead of letting them control you.

It seemed so simple to do that. At least on paper. All I needed was a good meditation programme. And it’s easy to find them.

For once, I knew how to change my life, and I was feeling hyped.


I was in control. And I kept that positive attitude… for two or three solid days. Then I slowly went back to old habits feeling even worse than before.


Meditating was still the best solution. I cried during my first session. It felt so right, so calming, so empowering. I got in touch with my emotions after a long time. It was a revolutionary act.

But the problem I couldn't go to any studios due to COVID restrictions. All of them were closed. Practicing at home wasn't a solution either. At home, there were too many distractions making me lose concentration. So I tried other alternatives:


One night, I was lying in bed scrolling through Instagram and found something that made me stand up:

“The Transforming Chair 💺 that Helps You Get Your Zen On! 🧘‍♀️

✅ Take advantage of all the benefits:

  • Move around without breaking concentration
  • Focus more when sitting comfortably
  • Get more stuff done
  • Relax in yoga positions right on the chair

Over 17,000 people can't be wrong, order your chair NOW.”

😱 😱 😱



I kid you not, I ordered this chair on the spot. If there was a way for me to relax while working, be productive while staying focused and tune in with my feelings as I went through my day, I wasn't going to miss on that.


My new chair was so easy to use! All I had to do was listen to my body’s needs and shift positions whenever I needed it. The fact that it also comes with a position perfect for yoga blew my mind. I started meditating for 5 minutes in front of my screen just before crucial meetings.


Before I got the chair, I was feeling very anxious in the mornings. So the first thing I did was switch the chair in a backward position. Sitting in this way made me instantly relax. I didn't feel like I was working anymore. It was more like enjoying my favourite cocktail at the bar while I was still being productive.

I would also switch my chair into a yoga-friendly position before every stressful meeting. I would simply close my eyes and ease my mind.

"It's incredible what 5 minutes of connection with oneself can do!
All the meditation sessions on my chair made me realize I was terrified of making mistakes which is why I was afraid to embrace my new role. Once I accepted mistakes as part of learning, my life became much easier."

One thing I learned from my chair (never thought I'd say this) is that breaks are beneficial! Before getting this chair, I would hardly take breaks from my job thinking I'd be wasting precious time. But once I used my chair in the nap position, I knew I had been missing out. I was still next to my computer in case ideas came to me, but I also resting my eyes comfortably for several minutes.

The feeling of being a stranger in my own house is long gone. I now look at my beautiful BeYou chair and simply smile.

I didn’t need all the quotes and expensive meditation sessions. I needed to ask the right questions, tune in with my body and tell myself two words more often: Be You.

Jane K., 29, Chicago, Illinois  Verfied Review
Rating: 5 star rating

I’m so surprised and impressed I’ve found my inner peace in the same place I work. I’ve created my own ritual to breathe deeply on my BeYou chair for 3 minutes before I start working and I’ve seen great improvements. I’m not so nervous now when I attend stressful meetings.

Theresa M., 32, New York   Verfied Review
Rating: 5 star rating

Mindfulness is a big part of my life. Having a chair that allows me to connect with myself regularly is something I never knew how much I needed. Switching from productivity to relaxation without changing rooms saves me so much time. Now I regret buying many fancy matts. Haha!

Zoe D., 37, Chelsea, United Kingdom   Verfied Review
Rating: 5 star rating

It only takes me several seconds to turn this chair into a meditation oasis. I’m deeply blessed and grateful I discovered this product. Best purchase I’ve ever made.



"Working from home shouldn't limit you in any way. If anything, it should free you. Now you can:
✔️Stay active WHILE sitting
✔️Be productive WHILE relaxing
✔️BeYou even WHILE working"

Disclaimer: This chair was created ONLY for those who want to live on their terms.