Hey, BeYou friends! We’re back with another update. And we hope you’re ready for your day to get even better. This time we’ll share some VERY exciting news. You’ll also get to see fresh pictures of the chair sent by our team member at the factory.


In the last update we were telling you the factory was gearing up for the third test of the base. Our aim for that test was to hit the recommended value of 1500 kg (3307 lbs). 

The base was tested according to ANSI/BIFMA standards and that’s where these recommended values come from, alongside some internal testing guidelines from our factory partners. 

We are thrilled to say the test went great and the base held without any issues. The base is now considered 100% finalized. That’s it, we did it!

All these are internal tests performed on rigs similar to the ones the official testing facilities are using. That is why we are very confident about sending the BeYou Chair to certification.


If you remember from the previous update, we made an improvement by incorporating pistons to the BeYou chair in all the areas that are moving (the wings, the back, and the backrest itself). 

The pistons are working very well and are 100% complete. They give you freedom of shifting INFINITE angles in a completely new way. 

Due to the pistons, we have a few tiny adjustments to make. We want you to have a seamless experience and make sure anyone can use the handles in the wings effortlessly. With the current handle/paddle you have to press to adjust the wings, it’s a bit too difficult.

The pistons are more compatible with an outside handle we were using before. But internally, there are still a few tweaks we must make to adapt it for better and easier use.

Another small change due to the pistons is the way the chair slides up and down. It moves a bit too fast now, so we’re making the up/down movement smoother.

All these tweaks will be completed by the end of this week. 


You read that right! From our point of view, the chair is ready! But wait, the best is yet to come.

Next week we're making the three samples that will go to BIFMA for the official testing. Because of the extensive tests performed until now, we are confident the BeYou Chair will pass certification with flying colors.


Well, not all of us. But our team member arrived in China. He was quarantined for a total of 14 days in Hong Kong and China, following local regulations. It was a difficult, extremely restrictive period, spent in quarantine-dedicated buildings, but he waited patiently. 

He made it to the factory on Friday, and it was SO worth it! He thoroughly inspected and used the chair, made the plan for the factory to follow for the small tweaks and agreed on the next stages and timelines. He is on top of everything, deeply involved in the process, going to the factory daily to speed things up in any way possible.


It’s been quite a journey. But we overcame all the challenges together and never lost sight of our ideal: transforming the way you sit.  

From the design finishes to the smooth functionality, every single change we made has led to a monumental product. 

For now, we can only prove the uniqueness and superiority of the chair through pictures and videos. But once you receive yours, you will see its quality and you’ll be proud for having been part of a sitting revolution.

Simply put, the BeYou Chair you will receive is MUCH BETTER than the BeYou Chair you backed. Dare we say, it’s better than what we even envisioned when we started this adventure. See for yourself:

At around 1:09 you can see we’re trying to test the chair thoroughly by forcing it on purpose. We do NOT recommend you do this with your chair at home, this is just for testing purposes.

Having our engineer at the factory also means getting access to fresh pictures, ready for you to feast your eyes on:


We’ve seen some of you asking about the posting date and why updates are now coming out mid-month or a few days later.

This is just because sometimes, the BIG thing we want to share with you in the monthly update hasn’t happened yet. So we delay it a few days so we can give you clear information. For example, in June we were waiting for the wheelbase test to be performed and in July we needed to show you those new amazing pictures of the chair.

No worries at all, we aren’t going to be skipping months. Keeping it structured to one update per month is helping us internally too, plus we love to keep you informed

But the next steps might come thick and fast, such as: confirming the chair has been sent to certification, any news we receive from there, pre mass-production setup, starting mass-production etc.

To be clear: we will still aim to release 1 update per month. Sometimes, that might mean 3 weeks after the last update, other times that might mean 5 weeks. That's why we really appreciate your patience in case it takes more than a month.


Our main purpose has been to give you a chair like no other. We’ve focused all our attention, expertise and care for you to still be active while sitting.

Now that we nearly finished our work, it’s time to go back to our promise to you and to planet Earth. We reopened discussions with several tree forestation organizations and we couldn’t be more excited for a better future.

You’re playing a crucial part in the change we’re going to bring so we will keep you updated with our tree planting progress.


Second half of October - final tweaks to the chairEnd of October - have golden samples** completely finalized and sent to the testing center. Start of official testing and certification.End of November - expected kick-off of mass-production.December*** - packaging, dispatch to fulfillment warehouse and the start of fulfillment.

* As always, these are still estimates, and every stage of the process is subject to a QC audit. If any other challenges or delays come up along the way, we will inform you so that you are always aware of the progress we are making behind the scenes.

** Golden Samples are exactly the same as the final product, in every single way. The Golden Samples set the standard for mass production and are used by the factory and Quality Control (QC) agency to compare with products taken randomly from the production line to make sure they’re 100% identical to the standard we (and you) expect from the BeYou chair.

*** We hear you. We feel you. Some of the delays have been difficult to deal with. This is why we increased the estimated timeline a bit, to account for anything unforeseen. We aim to surprise you, but for now this is the new official estimated timeline.


This is a kind reminder: our correspondence volume tends to increase after each update. So please bear with us. It might take us a bit to respond over the next few days.

Please refrain from following up as it will push your message to the end of the queue.

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What a journey this has been! 

Thank you for being there to support us and reinvent one of the most used objects in offices and homes. We’re so excited for you to sit freely and proudly say “I was part of this sitting revolution”!

Have a fantastic day ahead,

The BeYou team