BeYou November Update

Hi there, BeYou friends!  We’re here today with an early insightful pre-holiday update! 🤩 Some of you expressed your wish to see more pictures of the chair. We’re also getting closer to the end of this journey, so we are and will be having much more information and visuals to share with you.

In this update you’ll get to take a closer look at the BeYou chair golden samples, to see what kind of tests will be performed on them for the certification, and what we are working on while the samples are being tested.

But before diving deeper into the update, we want to take a moment and share our heartfelt gratitude to everyone in our community who has patiently supported and encouraged us. 

2022 has been as challenging as it has been amazing! In our mission to create a world-class product, we have focused most of this year on optimizations. You will see this reflected in an exquisiteelegant and unique piece of furniture that you will receive soon.

Nevertheless, for our team this translated into A LOT of effort put in testing, making essential decisions and maintaining the process going despite any challenges or adversities encountered on the way.

And, at the end of this year, especially as we know how the wait has been keeping you on your toes, we can definitely say we have sailed through the waves with a stellar product, smiles on our faces and even more excitement in our hearts. We are grateful for all the support we have received from our community.  

The Golden Samples are done!

Last week, the golden samples were fully finalized, making the BeYou chair more beautiful than ever. 

As you already know from our previous updates, the Golden Samples are exactly the same as the final product in every way, as they set the standard for the entire BeYou chair mass production.

That makes this moment a major milestone for us, and we most definitely wanted to share our excitement in getting here, with you. You can see below the samples’ pictures taken by our colleague in China.

After the last update, we received a few questions regarding the estimated height of the person sitting on the chair in the pictures we shared, with concerns regarding the level of comfort one would have, if they are taller/shorter than average.

To bring more clarity, in the pictures and videos shared above there are 2 people sitting on the chairs: a young woman, with a height of 1.63 m (or 5.34 ft.), accompanied by a man whose height is 1.85 m (or 6.06 ft.).

We hope these visuals help you better contour your (upcoming) experience with your own BeYou, as they truly show how the final result and version of the chair is way, way superior compared to the initial prototype.

We know some of you were sad to hear about the wheelbase changes, and we understand that. This new wheelbase however, helped make the chair significantly more resistant and durable, so it can pass BIFMA tests.

In addition to this, we have made it easier to use and have increased the level of comfort and the number of positions you can sit in, with the new functionality tweaks we detailed on in our previous updates.

BIFMA testing

All golden samples are already in the BIFMA certification center, undergoing the tests for the official certification. We wanted to take photos and shoot some videos of the chair during the testing phases. However, the certification center’s policies do not allow us to do that, nor see the process.

We’re sharing with you below the full list of tests the BeYou chair samples will go through (all performed according to the ANSI/BIFMA standard), as provided to us by the Certification Center:

Section 6 - Backrest Strength Test - Static - Type IIISection 7 - Drop Test - DynamicSection 8 - Swivel Test - Cyclic (120.000 cycles)Section 10.3 - Impact Test (100.000 cycles)Section 10.4 - Front Corner Load-Ease Test (40.000 cycles)Section 11.3 - Rear stabilitySection 11.4 - Front stabilitySection 12 - Arm Strength Test - Vertical - StaticSection 13 - Arm Strength test - Horizontal - StaticSection 15 - Backrest Durability Test - Cyclic - Type II & Type III (120.000 cycles)Section 16.2 - Caster/Chair Frame Durability Test for Non-pedestal Chairs with Casters (100.000 cycles)Section 17 - Leg Strength Test - Front and Side ApplicationSection 20 - Arm Durability Test  - Cyclic (60.000 cycles)Section 24 - Structural Durability Test - Cyclic (25.000 cycles)Appendix C - Informative - Base Test - Static

We will keep you updated with the results from the BIFMA certification phases in our next updates.

Working on the molds

While the samples are going through certification, we started making the molds for all the chair components, in order to prepare for mass production. 

A total of 64 molds are needed to manufacture our chair, not to mention the fact that certain parts will require more than 1 mold to be made, in order to speed up the manufacturing process.

Those of you who have experience with product manufacturing may already know that such a large number of molds translates into a complex product. 

While we are extremely happy to see that our community sees a simple to use product in the BeYou chair (which was our goal 😎), we do want to highlight that the engineering behind it is not at all simple. This is why we can proudly say there is no other chair like BeYou in the market.

You can see some visuals of the molds, below: 

As we’re getting closer and closer to the completion of the project, we hope we were able to share our excitement with you and properly kick-start this holiday season! 🎄

BeYou Rough Timeline Estimates*

Second half of December - manufacturing tooling in processSecond half of December - raw materials (metals, wood, plastic, foam, fabrics) in progressEnd of December - finalizing the certificationChinese New Year - from January 10th to February 10th manufacturing stops completelyFebruary 10th Onwards** - full manufacturing, packaging, dispatch to fulfillment warehouse and the start of fulfillment

* As always, these are still estimates, and every stage of the process is subject to a QC audit. If any other challenges or delays come up along the way, we will inform you so that you are always aware of the progress we are making behind the scenes.

** We hear you. We feel you. Some of the delays have been difficult to deal with. This is why we increased the estimated timeline a bit, to account for anything unforeseen. We aim to surprise you, but for now this is the new official estimated timeline.

Getting in touch & the Winter Holidays period

Please note that our team will be taking a bit of time off to spend the holidays with our loved ones. That means that between December 23rd and January 5th we will be providing limited customer service. Once we come back on January 5th, our team will review and respond to all messages, so please bear with us a few days after that, as we catch up with our correspondence.

Also, as you already know by now, our correspondence volume tends to increase after each update. Please bear with us as it may take us a bit to respond over the next few days

To greatly help our small yet mighty Customer Happiness team, please submit your message through the Contact Form on our website 🙏.

Need help? Message us through the Contact Form!

We’re nearly there! And we could not be more excited or proud! 

We couldn’t have done this without you and we’re grateful for all of your support! We wish you all and your loved ones a peaceful Christmas, and a wonderful and exciting New Year!

Happy Holidays,

The BeYou team