Hi, BeYou friends! It’s time for another update. We have exciting news to share with you.

You’ll be the first to see new pictures of the chair that will be used to update our website shortly. And you’ll find out what improvements we’ve made.

Please make sure you read the section with the title: Why Tweaks Are Important. This will help you understand the BIG importance of small tweaks.

An Even Stronger Wheelbase

Last time, the maximum weight the base could hold was 900 kg (almost 2000 lbs). We’ve increased that to 1433 kg (3159 lbs).

This is exciting news because BIFMA has very high standards and requirements.

With every improvement we make, we’re becoming more and more confident we’ll pass BIFMA testing easily and you’ll have a truly solid chair you’ll be proud to own.

Watch the video below to see how we did the impact test on the entire seating area. For your reference, the sandbag in this video weighs 145 kg (319 pounds).

As you can see, the wheelbase bounced right back and supported the weight being dropped on it perfectly. Twice! 

The chair is not designed for high-risk activities (such as jumping on the chair), but this test is crucial in checking the chair’s support in case of accidents.

New Pictures for the Website

Last time we told you we were planning a chair photoshoot. It’s done! For this photoshoot, we used the latest prototype we received from the factory.

The pictures are being polished as we speak and the website will be updated soon, just as promised.

Till then, you can see some of the new pictures below: 

Other Tweaks & Visiting the Factory

At this point, we can confirm the chair is 90% done. We are only working on small tweaks and running as many tests as necessary for you to have the comfort and flexibility no other chair can offer you.

Up until now our engineers weren’t able to travel to the China factory due to Covid-19 restrictions, although we have always done everything we could to get there.

But now restrictions are being eased and we are in the process of organizing everything so we can be on the ground in China.

Being there physically will make a huge difference. We won’t have to deal with the different time zones anymore and we’ll speed up the processes in any way possible.

Why Tweaks Are Important

Just like we mentioned above, the important parts of the chair are done. Now we focus on minor things of GREAT importance.

We know having to wait for a long time can be frustrating. We hear you. That’s why we’d like you to know we’re doing all these tweaks because we want you to enjoy your BeYou Chair for a long, long time

All these changes may seem like little things that don't matter. But they do matter. A lot. Passing the BIFMA certification from the first go will mean you get to enjoy your BeYou chair faster.

We are following the factory’s guidelines to make sure we maximize the chances of passing BIFMA on the first try and we’re not missing out on any possible improvements.

Waiting isn’t easy, but at the end of our journey we’ll aim for you to say: it was worth it.

BeYou Rough Timeline Estimates*

Mid-August - final tweaks to base mold and chairSecond half of August - have golden samples** completely finalized and sent to the testing center. Start of official testing and certification.Second  half of September - expected kick-off of mass-production.Second half of October *** - packaging, dispatch to fulfillment warehouse and the start of fulfillment.

* As always, these are still estimates, and every stage of the process is subject to a QC audit. If any other challenges or delays come up along the way, we will inform you so that you are always aware of the progress we are making behind the scenes.

** Golden Samples are exactly the same as the final product, in every single way. The Golden Samples set the standard for mass production and are used by the factory and Quality Control (QC) agency to compare with products taken randomly from the production line to make sure they’re 100% identical to the standard we (and you) expect from the BeYou chair.

*** We hear you. We feel you. Some of the delays have been difficult to deal with. This is why we increased the estimated timeline a bit, to account for anything unforeseen. We aim to surprise you, but for now this is the new official estimated timeline.

Getting in Touch

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We won’t ever get tired of saying this: thank you for all of your support! We’re nearly there and we couldn't have done this without you.

To us, BeYou is more than a chair. It is a sitting revolution. And we can’t wait for you to explore what it’s like to be free and enjoy movement while sitting.

Have a wonderful day ahead,

The BeYou team