Hey, BeYou friends! Your update has arrived. We hope this one will offer even more transparency into our process. You’ll get to see how tweaks can be revolutionary when tested well and done purposefully.


There’s one change we want to talk to you about that we haven’t mentioned before. It wasn’t an overnight decision. It’s something we’ve been working on in the last several months on the side. 

We’ve been trying to incorporate pistons to the BeYou chair in all the areas that are moving (the wings, the back, and the backrest itself). 

We couldn’t announce it from the start because with a chair as unique as ours, that was never done before, every additional improvement is an experiment. So we tested it many times to make sure it’s achievable before sharing the news.

Why use the pistons? 

The factory recommended making this change because the tests from the previous mechanisms tended to have some hiccups. Not a big deal, but still there. We couldn’t leave it like this, since using the wings and the backrest impacts user experience a lot.

Because we’re now using pistons instead of our original mechanisms, your overall experience with the BeYou chair will be improved.

You’ll enjoy a more fluid process of shifting INFINITE angles in a completely new way. This applies not just to the backrest, but also to both wings. 

Take a look at our renderings to see the massive difference pistons make

Before you were able to set the parts in 5 positions.  

Now you’ll be able to set the parts in as many positions as you want. INFINITE comfort!

We’re still focused on passing the BIFMA test the first time we take it. We strongly believe the version with the pistons will ace the test.


The base was one of the most time-consuming parts of the chair. Because of the many positions you can sit on the BeYou compared to a normal chair, the base has to be very, very special.

As you know, we have already tested it twice. First it held up to 900 kg (almost 2000 lbs). The second test showed we managed to increase the values to 1433 kg (3159 lbs). 

The value that the factory is recommending to achieve is 1500 kg (3307 lbs)

This means we are 95% there!

They’re almost done setting up for the third test of the base. This will happen in the next 2-3 days and we expect to hit the recommended value of 1500 kg (3307 lbs).

After this test is passed, the wheelbase is completely done!


Due to the volatility of the situation still present in China, we have decided to send only one of our engineers there for now. 

Our engineer has over 8 years of experience living in China, supervising the manufacturing of different types of products. He’s been overseeing the production of items made with diverse materials from cloth to plastic to metal and more.

He will be on the ground to speed up the processes in any way possible. His flights are already booked and he’s set to arrive in China in about 10 days.

From the time of his arrival he will undergo mandatory institutionalized quarantine and once this is over, he will be in the factory daily, making sure that everything is optimized to run as smoothly as possible. 

Having a person there also means our access to information will be much faster so we’ll share even more pictures and videos with you.


Mid to End of September - final tweaks to base mold and chairFirst half of October - have golden samples** completely finalized and sent to the testing center. Start of official testing and certification.End of November - expected kick-off of mass-production.December*** - packaging, dispatch to fulfillment warehouse and the start of fulfillment.

* As always, these are still estimates, and every stage of the process is subject to a QC audit. If any other challenges or delays come up along the way, we will inform you so that you are always aware of the progress we are making behind the scenes.

** Golden Samples are exactly the same as the final product, in every single way. The Golden Samples set the standard for mass production and are used by the factory and Quality Control (QC) agency to compare with products taken randomly from the production line to make sure they’re 100% identical to the standard we (and you) expect from the BeYou chair.

*** We hear you. We feel you. Some of the delays have been difficult to deal with. This is why we increased the estimated timeline a bit, to account for anything unforeseen. We aim to surprise you, but for now this is the new official estimated timeline.


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We’re grateful for your support and your constant belief in a better way to sit. It’s been quite a journey! And we’re nearly at the finish line.

Excited for you to sit freely,

The BeYou team